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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Toner- skin care on the go!

Your skin is already exposed to hundreds of cosmetic ingredients, dust, dirt, pollutants, wind, sun etc; do you think it needs a toner to add to the list? Why are we treating our skin as guinea pig in quest of looking beautiful?  Don’t you think your skin needs a time of rest battling away the harmful ingredients and letting the good ones to seep in?

  • What is toner?
  • What are the ingredients in toner and how they help?
  • How do I recognize the toner is alcohol based or not?
  • Is toner a necessary step in skin care regime?
  • How do I choose a right kind of toner for my skin types?
  • How often should I use my toner?

Find answers to above question by clicking here:

Read full article on Toners @ Dermatocare.com

Disclaimer- The content of this page is meant for information purpose only and not not meant for medical use.As everybody skin behaves differently so the author is not responsible for any damage or losses or side effects arising from the use or following the information provided on this page. Also certain topics in this page are still controversial so the author is sharing her views based on her experience and knowledge. Any wrong content or discrepancies in thought are invited for discussions and if needed can be corrected based on the facts. The results expected with skin care products are not universally applicable as each individuals skin behaves differently. The author is not responsible for any adverse event that arises out of following my opinion, however such negative and positive feedback will help me improve. Kindly seek dermatologist advice for skin care, acne, redness, irritation, dark patches or any other skin problem. Kindly note for medico-legal reasons I have not listed prescribed skin care products which are specially formulated according to skin types and are cost effective too. Also, the author has no monetary association with above listed brands, there are thousands of skin care products in the market I have chosen few of them to start with. Kindly note all the photographs in this blog are taken from Google images.

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Dr Surbhi, MD (Skin)

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