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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Skin care during swimming

Temperature is soaring and swimming becomes a great get away from this super summer. We are all aware that we get tanned during swimming, but apart from that there are few other things that we should be aware of. Chlorine added  in swimming pool water to kill bacterial growth can strip oils from your skin leading to  dry flaky skin and split ends in hair. Also, swimming under bright sun exposes skin to damaging UV Rays leading to tanning, rash and sunburns
To prevent or minimise any damage to skin and hair do the following steps to prevent/minimize skin damage

Before you get into your pool

  1. Moisturizer on body and oil/serum on your hair to diminish effect of chlorine on skin and hair.
  2.        Wear swimming cap and goggles to protect hair and eyes.
  3. If you plan to swim under bright sun, apply water resistant sunscreen
  •     At least 15 minutes before entering pool
  •     On all uncovered body parts.
  •      Put dots of sunscreen and spread it to forma  uniform coat. 
  1. Take thorough body and hair wash with soap and conditioning shampoo to rinse off chlorine.
  1. Pad dry rather than rubbing with towel.
  1. Apply moisturiser immediately on slightly wet body
    In case you have fungal infection or warts, get them treated to reduce the risk of spreading to others.
    If you develop abnormal itching or rash, contact dermatologist.

AFTER SWIMMINGo   Olive oil or white petrolatum for dry skin.
o   Lotion based moisturisers for normal to oily skin.

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