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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fair & Lovely advanced multivitamin cream- hides or reduces your dark spots?

"It is just a cream and not treatment." 

Overall Review:  

Being a Dermatologist, I can vouch that  atleast 3-6 month of regular treatment with medicines, peels and/or lasers is required to fade away dark patches or spots, leave aside this brand that claims to do so alone. 

That's not all, the trick behind the popularity of this cream is the white matt look it gives on applying that hides your dark spots instantly. This fairer matt look blends with the fairer skins but in darker skins might give an rather embarrassing artificial look. 

Compared to other OTC skin lightening creams Fair and lovely is good value for money you spent as it provides you with most of vitamins that are required for skin lightening. But with the low cost, the company has compromised on the feel of the cream as it is sticky and bit too occlusive for oily skin type and yet not moisturising for dry skin types.

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