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Friday, 21 September 2012

Skin type- is more than just dry or oily!

Skin type is always thought of as either oily or dry but we determine skin typing on the basis of three factors:
  1. Oil secretion- oily or dry or combination
  2. Pigmentation- pigmented or non pigmented
  3. Sensitivity- sensitive or resistant


  • But why should I know my skin type?
  • Is tissue paper helpful in determining skin type?
  • What is significance of the three factors on the basis of which skin typing is done?

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Disclaimer: The data shared in my blog is my personal opinion based on my knowledge and experience. The results expected with skin care products are not universally applicable as each individuals skin behaves differently. The author is not responsible for any adverse events that arise out of following suggestions in this blog; however such negative and positive feedback will help me improve. Kindly seek dermatologist advice for skin care, acne, redness, irritation, dark patches or any other skin problem. Kindly note for medico-legal reasons I have not listed prescribed skin care products which are specially formulated according to skin types and are cost effective too.  Also, the author does not have any monetary association with above listed Brands; there are thousands of skin care products in the market I have chosen few of them to start with. 

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