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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Birthmarks- all of them are not black!!!

 Can birthmark be of white color? Will it grow bigger? Is it treatable? Won't your child feel bad when he grows up?”
These are the questions I confront with when people see a light colored birth mark on the forehead of my child. The word “Birth mark” usually creates a picture of black colored mole in our mind; however there are hundreds of types of birthmarks with varied presentation. The purpose of this article is not to help you in diagnosing which type of birthmark your kid has, instead to make you aware with the most common birthmarks and what you should do if your kid has one. The psychological impact of birthmark can be devastating as even a single comment or an awkward gaze can hurt the self esteem of the kid.

  • What are birthmarks?
  • What did I do wrong in pregnancy that my kid has such an ugly birth mark?
  • What are different kinds of birthmarks?

Besides these most common birthmarks, there are hundreds of rare forms description of which is beyond scope this article.

  • Do all the birthmarks appear at birth?
  • When to consult Dermatologist?
  • Are birthmarks treatable?
  • How do I handle the psychological trauma associated with birthmark on exposed part of the body of my child?

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